Online Backup Storage

Online Backup Storage Services From Sterling Data StorageComputers have evolved over the past three decades from rare sightings in homes and offices to becoming commonplace in the same places. The use of computers in the online backup storage of data has not been without challenges. There are unpredictable events that can render your precious, locally-stored data or files, lost or damaged irreversibly. Some of these disasters which are either man made or natural include theft, hard drive breakdown, accidental erasures, power surges, floods and fire. Online backup storage is a form of new-age storage that makes use of cloud or online storage technology. In such a system, all your sensitive data and information is stored remotely as opposed to locally which eliminates the aforementioned risks.

Online Backup Storage Software Solutions

Apart from file protection, backing up computer files and data on the Internet also allows for easy and convenient access to the stored files and data. Irrespective of your location, online backup storage services will give you easy access to your most critical and frequently used files. The stored data can be viewed and edited from a normal work computer, an iPad or a Smartphone. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), all providers of Internet data backup services offer data storage facilities. However, anyone intending on paying for this type of service ought to consider other critical factors such as support options, accessibility and features. This will ensure that you get a service that offers the best usability and functionality for your needs.

Companies Providing Online Backup Storage Services

Below are some of the three most critical factors that you should look out for in an online backup storage service:

  •  They should have practical features that allow for a hassle free and convenient file sharing and uploading. Some of these features include offline file versioning and syncing, folder sharing as well as an automatic file backup option.
  • The available storage space should be one of the most critical factors to consider before settling on a particular online backup storage service. According to NIST, some of the best online backup storage service firms provide their storage-space sensitive clients with an unlimited storage service that has a flat monthly charge. If the allotted storage space is not a priority, then you are better off with a service that offers a cheap per gigabyte package.
  • Well established and proficient service providers are able to support the online backup storage of any type of digital file. These files should then be easy to upload and access from multiple computers and mobile devices. The online backup storage service should also allow you to access your account from any type of web browser that you may be using.


A desktop app allowing you to sync with your online backup storage or cloud account through the dragging and dropping of folders and files also comes in quite handy.