Using Online Backup To Protect Critical Data

Online backup is becoming much more common as people conduct more and more activities via computers. At home and at work, people are increasingly saving critical data on computers without printing and filing backup documents. Online Backup Protection From Sterling Data StorageEven in the home, this involves much more than family photos or treasured emails from family members. Home-based businesses and organizations store tax information and payroll data on personal computers. The dangers associated with a computer crash are heightened in these situations.
The common situation to this problem is to store the data on thumb drives or discs. However, these technologies have been shown to be trustworthy of storage for only a couple years on average. As the Internet has developed over the years, the opportunity to store data online has increased and many people are considering this as more than just an alternative to other forms of storage. At Sterling Data Storage, they can show you why online backup has demonstrated itself to be superior to other solutions in every way.

Why Is Online Backup Important

The amount of data being created in digital form is not simply growing incrementally as businesses expand and begin to transfer data to digital formats. The introduction of the Interne to the public caused a slow explosion of user-generated content which continues today. As a result, the amount of digital content in existence grows at an exponential rate. From this viewpoint, it would almost be impossible to create enough physical formats, such as CDs, to hold all the data being created.
Online backup is superior to all other forms of storage for two important reasons. One, the quality of the data stored will never reduce due to aging. In digital format, the data remains in pristine form. Two, the data is safe from most forms of damage since it is stored in multiple locations far away from the point of origin. Too many people lost critical data in the past because they kept their backup data in discs sitting next to the computer. Theft or fire could take both in just a few seconds.

How Does Online Backup Work

When you agree to an online backup service, you give a company like Sterling Data Storage access to your computer. On a scheduled basis, the company will access your computer’s hard drive to copy and transfer data to its own storage facilities via an Internet connection. Data is encrypted before transfer to maintain security. If you own a large company, then this may involve granting access to entire systems of computers.

Sterling Data Storage Can Help You

A quality online backup service like Sterling Data Storage provides you with more than just extra copies of your information. The data remains available for a file-by-file restore if necessary and can be accessed via the Internet. Contracts will specify how much bandwidth may be used, when backups will be performed and include a guarantee for critical data. All this should occur automatically and without regular intervention on the part of the user.

For any company needing needing protection contact Sterling Data Storage for all of your online backup services.