Backing up your files and data is one of the most important things you can do to protect your business against computer crashes and online disasters. After all, we have all heard of companies and individuals losing their entire database or website in a single crash. While many people back up their data using external hard drives and disks, using an offsite backup service can actually be far more secure. Digital information is becoming an increasingly intrinsic part of many businesses. The more securely you back up your files, the more secure your business will be.
Offsite backup is more secure than traditional backup options for a number of reasons. Disks, for example, can easily be lost, scratched or broken, losing all of your data in one fell swoop. While external hard drives were once a viable option, they have become increasingly cheaply made. A short fall or an accidental bump can send your backup files spinning into oblivion forever.
While traditional methods of backing up your files may not be as secure as you think, offsite backup services offer features that will truly keep your business safe. Because your files are being held on someone else’s server, they are removed from any problems your office may have. Your entire office could be flattened by an earthquake and your files would still remain safe, since they are stored online. Your files are even immune to online disasters such as a website crash, because they are held on remote servers.
A good offsite backup service should offer a number of key features. An encrypted and compressed source file storage option is a must for those wanting added security. You should also look for a service that offers open and locked support for your files as well as a mailbox restore feature. A great backup service will even help you shape your traffic with features such as bandwidth throttling and CPU shaping. Remember, the more customizable policies that your service offers, the better you will be able to fit the service to your needs.
No matter how you choose to back up your files, the most important thing is that you back them up in the first place. Digital files can contain priceless client information or even the blueprint of your company’s website. Many companies that do not back up their information live to regret their decision when everything is lost. By using an offsite backup service, you can save your company the time, money and stress of losing your most important files.