Protecting Your Content With Data Protection

Sterling Data Storage Helping With Data ProtectionWhen it comes to the best in data protection Sterling Data Storage is a company you can trust in. Many people fail to protect their content and overall data in general. Instead of taking precautionary measures, they leave caution to the wind. This is where the services of Sterling Data Storage come in handy. Not only does the company offer the top of the line in comprehensive online backup and restore technology, it also provides the end-user with a high level of quality assurance when dealing with data protection.
Service features include but are not limited to encrypted and compressed source file storage, CPU and bandwidth throttling, Mailbox backup and restoration as well as fully customizable policies for backup sets.

Leaders In Data Protection

This sort of service definitely outshines all other competition. Unlike other companies, Sterling Data Storage is considered a leader in the field of data protection. A comprehensive yet user friendly website readily awaits potential customers. Live associate assistance is available either via telephone on the 877 number or via live chat. This makes getting information such as a quote that much easier for potential customers.
Informative and interactive, the website makes getting general information that much easier for all consumers. Not only is beneficial information available on data protection, there is also a plethora of information on online backup services. The company offers such services for just about any business – small, medium or large.

Disaster Recovery Protection

The company also specializes in disaster recovery – a sort of data protection for businesses that have encountered a major catastrophe resulting in the loss of pertinent data.
In an effort to keep clientele up to speed, the company maintains a blog that features the latest in their technology as well as helpful information on how businesses can take viable steps to protect data on their end. Topics are all related to data protection and the posts go in depth as to how onsite and offsite storage locations may have and effect on the best way of protecting data. The blog also features content on why it is a good idea to have a data storage company available for personal and business needs.

Sterling Data Storage specializes in data protection for any size business.