As the name implies, a data vault does more than simply store your information.  Your data are kept safe and secure with the best measures that will not allow unauthorized access to your data.  When deciding upon a good vault for your data, you should look at the system’s encryption system.  For instance, you can check to see if a system uses SSL to encrypt data, which is supported with many web browsers if you plan to use an Internet interface to access data.
Data storage is also a very important aspect of managing your data, so your data vault should have a reliable means of holding as much information as possible.  For example, you may need a system that has the ability to compress files, especially if you plan to share information.  Compressed files make it much easier to send and retrieve large amounts of information because there are sometimes limitations on the amount of data that can be sent through various channels such as email.
Furthermore, when you store your data, you want to make sure it is safe not only from unauthorized personnel but also from malware and spyware.  These types of programs not only make your information vulnerable from a privacy issue standpoint but also make them susceptible to corruption from viruses and other attacks that can destroy your network and equipment.  A good data vault should keep out these programs so that your information remains uncorrupted.
Of course, data backup is also essential to keeping your information safe.  Systems can crash and information can be corrupted through any number of means including theft, viruses, accidentally deleting files and natural disasters.  Having a reliable backup plan can save your system from disaster.  When you incorporate a backup system with your data vault, you need to make sure it is something that works in the background so that it does not interfere with or slow down your system.
A good data vault should offer you protection for your information both online and offline.  You have to consider exactly what you need in a system in order to get the best protection.  The size of your company can have an effect as well as the type of information you need stored.  You should get just the right level of protection that can be easily and painlessly implemented into the everyday fabric of your organization and start protecting yourself right away.