data storageMany firms are now using online data storage and backup, and the market is growing all the time. Whatever the size of your business, it is important to find a provider that understands your needs. Sterling Data Storage is a company that has long experience with companies of all sizes, and can provide a service that matches your own particular requirements.
Secure data storage is essential for all businesses. You need to have records of your customers, your suppliers, and your financial data. Additionally, in some industries government regulations mean that information has to be kept for compliance reasons. Astoundingly, however, many businesses have no protection against data loss at all. You need to make sure that you keep your business safe by using a third party to synchronize your data for remote backup ensures that this data is kept safe.
Businesses lose data in many ways: through systems crashing, natural disaster, or human error. All of this can be catastrophic for business continuity, meaning that you cannot afford to be without external data storage. A company such as Sterling Data Storage can provide experts to assist with disaster recovery, and get you back on track with minimal interference to business as usual. This will save you money in the long term, as you will be able to trade through events that might otherwise have created considerable downtime, or loss of customers and orders.
Of course, no business would entrust its data to a third party unless it could be assured that it would be totally secure. Some businesses avoid online data storage for this reason, believing that they are compromising commercial information or customer confidentiality by entrusting data to an outside company. This is why reputable data storage providers use high level encryption, similar to that used by financial institutions, to protect your data. They also ensure that they keep multiple copies of the data, and use back-up generators in the event of power failure, so that there is no possibility of data loss from their systems.
The last consideration is ease of access. Not only do you want to keep your data secure, but you want to know that you can access it easily whenever you need it. This is done by indexing your files so that they can be located very quickly when needed. Whatever your data storage requirements, an industry leader like Sterling Data Storage can provide the solution.